SkateNSW Speed - 2024 Grand Prix series - Round 4


07/07/2024 09:00 - 13:00 postponed to 21/07/2024 09:00 - 13:00

Event information

Late registration for this event closes at Sun 21 Jul 2024 09:00.

Round 4 of the 2024 SkateNSW Speed GP series was scheduled to occur on Sunday 7 July has been postponed to Sunday 21 July at Deverall Park Netball courts.
Warm-up is at 9:00am with racing starting at 9:30am.


All participants (Skaters, Officials and Volunteers) must register online for this event.

Skaters and officials wishing to participate will need to ensure that they are current members, and are familar with the SkateNSW Speed GP Guidelines, and well as all Rules, Regulations, Policies and Bylaws (including Sport Integrity) that relate to this event.

All attendees, including Volunteers and Spectators are subject to the Policies and Bylaws (including Sport Integrity) that relate to this event.

*** Please ensure that you have read and understand the NSW Speed Branch GP racing information document ***

Please ensure you select your event type (Skater and Officials events are only visible to members that log in).


Register for the event here (online) by Midday Saturday 20th July 2024.



Online membership is available here.



All skaters will need to ensure that they are cat 1 or cat 2 members in order to compete.

All nominations will need to be paid prior to the start of the event, either by EFT or through the Online payment portal (late nominations will need to provide Evidence of payment (receipt)). No Cash payments will be accepted.

Skaters that cannot be verified with the correct membership, registered for the event and paid for the event, will not be allowed to race.

All skaters need to compete in their club or approved uniforms.

All skaters will need to have their (allocated) race numbers, attached correctly to their (nominated) race uniform, which must be worn during all races they participate in during this event. Skaters are requied to marshal in with the Event Officials during the Warm Up period, with their Skates, Race uniform and Race Numbers with them. Skaters that arrive after the Warm Up period must wait for the Event Officials to be available to marshal in late.

Any skater without the correct Skates, Race Uniform and/or Race Numbers will not be permitted to race (subject to the discretion of the Event Referee where circumstances are unvoidable). The decision of the Event Referee will be final.

All skaters are responsible for organising their own Skates, Race Uniform and Race Numbers. As advertised, SkateNSW Speed arranged for some numbers to be made last year and available for purchase via the SkateNSW shop. To access the shop you will need to be logged in.



Approved Officials - please complete your online membership application, and apply the discount code provided to you.



You may join as an Associate Member, or simply register your details at each event (this is to ensure you are covered by the Skate Australia Insurance policy).


Additional Event Information
The Event program, when available, will be uploaded (here) to the Event page (see files to download).

The 2024 SkateNSW Speed Calendar is Now Available (v1) and will be on the Speed event calendar and notices page.

For Speed Event Rules - Full details can be found on the document 2024 SkateNSW Speed Branch GP Series (v1)

Further information can be found on the SkateNSW Speed Branch Procedures, Rules and Guidelines


Sanction by SkateNSW

SkateNSW Sanction number:

NSW-SP-20240707-GPSR4 SkateNSW Speed Grand Prix Round 4


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