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Please contact the SkateNSW office during Office Hours:

Monday - Friday 9:30am - 1:30pm

Alternatively you can contact:

SkateNSW President:

SkateNSW President

- Judith Adams

SkateNSW Public Relations Officer:

SkateNSW Public Relations Officer

– Lydia Smith

SkateNSW Executive Officer (outside hours):

SkateNSW Executive Officer

- Urgent only (Outside Hours)

Skate Australia:

Skate Australia Accounts



If your email is Skate Sports related, please contact the relevant SkateNSW Branch Committee.

SkateNSW Roller Sport Branch Specific contacts are:

Artistic Committee:

SkateNSW Artistic Executive

Artistic Chairperson:

SkateNSW Artistic Chairperson

– Karen Ravenscroft-Wheeler

Artistic Officiating:

SkateNSW Artistic Officials Chairperson

– Alexandra Mulvey

Artistic Coaching:

SkateNSW Artistic Coaches Chairperson

– Robert Karp


ILHNSW Committee:

In-Line Hockey NSW Executive

ILHNSW Chairperson:

In-Line Hockey NSW Chairperson

- Judith Adams

ILHNSW Assistant Chairperson:

In-Line Hockey NSW Assistant Chairperson

- David Haynes

ILHNSW Officiating:

In-Line Hockey NSW Officials Chairperson

- Ross Adams

ILHNSW Coaching:

In-Line Hockey NSW Coaches Chairperson

- Michael Haynes


Speed Committee:

SkateNSW Speed Executive

Speed Chairperson:

SkateNSW Speed Chairperson

– Daniel Thomson

Speed Officiating:

SkateNSW Speed Officials Chairperson

– Marianna Thomson

Speed Coaching:

SkateNSW Speed Coaches Chairperson

– Daniel Thomson


11 Cluster Place, Cranebrook, NSW 2749
02 4730 1241
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